Monday 20 April 2020

Three Thank You’s and Three Plants

First, our thanks go to those good friends who have kindly made a donation to BCM.  Way beyond my original hopes – so a heartfelt Thank You. But along with that a message to our readers that we are very happy to take smaller donations.  It just happens that the first few had ordered weighty boxes of plants (literally!). I’m hoping some folk who have never tried growing will take, say, a single potted tomato plant and get pleasure from it.  More about that in due course

Second, we appreciate the many kind words of encouragement. We will try to reward that with some interesting pages during this period of lockdown – and, perhaps, even beyond

Third, a huge Thank You to my nephew, Robin, who rescued me from the depths of some technical problems last night. Hence, we have hit the road running this morning even if a few minutes late (growing plants is the easy bit, sorting the technology … )

Three plants
Thinking about it over the weekend, I have decided that drip-feed is this best here – so a bit about just three plants today and three more tomorrow:

Echinacea: also known as coneflowers
These are really great plants for the border. The flower has an attractive centre and the petals droop slightly giving the cone shape. Often in a purple, they are very good for encouraging bees and other pollinators

Rudbeckia: also known as coneflowers!
Confused? Well, so am I! If you have one from me we’ll check at flowering time to make sure my labelling has not gone wrong!  Rudbeckia are reliable doers and easily earn a place in the border.  Again, good for wildlife
Achillea millefolium - Wikipedia

Achillea: the common name is Yarrow
Somewhat under-rated, I think Achillea are well worth a try. The wild variety usually has white, or off-white, flowers. Mine are cultivated in a mix of lovely pastel shades

More to come!
Perhaps today’s three are not known to you. Well, we have plenty of old favourites, like lupins and hollyhocks, coming on. Right now, I am only featuring plants that are ready and waiting to be planted in your garden. Let me know your requirements and I will do my best to help you out

You may be wondering why I have plants available for others to plant, grow and enjoy. I’ll tell you the story tomorrow so don’t forget to tune in to!

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  1. Gardencodger!
    How inventive and such fun!
    This is hard to believe but a few days ago I was pondering in the garden and remembered that I have experienced something similar before! Yes! I have had plants from you before more than 20 years ago I believe. I still have a St Johns wort plant bush that has lovely yellow flowers that I had from you. I was wondering if I should share the memory you and here is my opportunity, handed to me in this magical way! I would love some plants from you! Sending you sunbeams Sue x