Tuesday 21 April 2020

People are more important than Plants!

A year ago, I bought some bargain plug plants with the idea of growing them on to sell in the charity plant sale run by Angela and Keith Webb. People tend to buy plants when they are in flower (garden centres know this!) and some of mine were not ready I so kept them back ready for this year’s sale which was planned for the end of May 2020. But then the coronavirus lockdown came along, so I had plants on my hands and was left wondering what to do

Garden Codger came to the rescue and this site was born and, along with it, the associated www.give.net/BCM page. So, in fact this seemingly new project was actually inspired by Angela and Keith Webb's existing charity work. I feel an interview coming on!

: How long have you been doing your annual Plant Sale?

AW: It must be 13 years now. We started when we lived at Stone Cross in West Bromwich. You used to come along, didn’t you?

GC: Yes, I remember that you had two gardens – two! At that time, I was too busy to do much gardening, but I thought the idea of fund raising in this way an excellent one.  Do you know how much you have raised over the years?

KW: I tend to look after the money, so let me answer that one. Our first sale raised about £600, that soon rose to £1000 and a couple of times we have received as much as £1,600

CG: That is incredible - awesome! Which charities have befitted from these funds?

KW: All the money has gone to BCM except for two years when we split the proceeds between BCM and the Acorns children’s hospice where our daughter-in-law works

CG: Now we have the lockdown, what about this year?

AW: Well, we are just not sure how things will work out. We would like to do something, but it cannot be the usual sale in May or June. We are so glad that the Garden Codger has stepped in. 

As the economic effects of the lockdown continue to bite we wonder how charities like BCM will cope. Giving could well be impacted but we can, at least, try to do something ourselves. Obviously, an online approach lacks something of the social appeal of an actual event - those in the groupabove seem to be enjoying themselves (recognise anyone?)! That was probably the tea and cakes - served by Keith, of course. And just look at the spread below

So, as you dream about summer days, remember you still have the opportunity to grab a plant and grow something yourself - and benefit others at the same time.  More on plants - together with some ideas - tomorrow.  Same time - same place, here at www.gardencodger.uk

Best wishes from the Garden Codger

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