Wednesday 22 April 2020

Questions I get asked

What gave you the idea?
Yesterday I told you about the solid work that Angela and Keith Webb have done to support BCM over the years. (That work goes way beyond the annual Plant (and Cake!) Sales – that’s a story for another time.) Last May I spotted an online special offer of plug plants. When they arrived I was surprised how tiny they were – miniature growth emerging from a pot the size of a thimble. I had to pot them on several times but, by the time of the sale, most of them were still too small to sell. At great sacrifice – space in my garden is at a premium – they went into a vegetable bed where they grew on and thrived. Come this Spring and suddenly the Government lockdown was announced – what would happen to the plants, so carefully nurtured over the winter? Well, Garden Codger discovered – the rest is history

How much should I give?
Most people have an idea how much plants cost whether it be at a supermarket, B&Q or at Ashwood’s. That gives a range that people are prepared to pay for a plant. I do not actually charge but there are expenses: pots cost, potting compost costs, seeds cost, fertiliser and so forth. So, I simply ask that a fair donation is made to BCM. Here is a worked example: a hanging basket. Take a look at this picture. You can see plants (£6.00), basket (£3.50), compost (£1.00 – yes, top professional grade), fertiliser (50p), moss (donated by front lawn), leaf mould (priceless – you literally cannot buy it anywhere!) and labour (obviously we would not think of charging).  So, I make that £11.00 at cost. I saw an online advert for a hanging basket this morning at£14.99 + P&P, so about right

Can I have the hanging basket?
Yes, first come – first served (online only for obvious reasons). So, go to - the person making the first donation gets the hanging basket.  Just mention the hanging basket in the ‘message of support’ box. Provided you live nearby you get free delivery. Really nearby and you get the wheelbarrow treatment! Farther away it's click & collect. (The plants are trailing Petunia Surfina, Forget-me-not Bi-colour and Aubretia - mixed colours)

Does Mrs Codger ever see you these days?
Certainly!  In fact, we had a lockdown nightout yesterday.  Where did we go?  In the garden, of course - for a very nice BBQ.  Just the job

That’s all folks. I’m heading for to see how far I’ve got to push the wheelbarrow

with best wishes from the Garden Codger

In case you are wondering, the hanging basket, in flower, should look something like the photo here - Petunia Surfina is usually prolific. Tomorrow, I need to answer questions about tomatoes.  There are several varieties coming on and I'm hoping that folk, even those who have never tried before, will have a go at growing their own this year

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