Thursday 30 April 2020

GYO: Roll up, last few!

Slight slip-up yesterday, so apologies. I published the wrong Cosmos photograph. The plants pictured were Cosmos Sonata – a superior variety, of course – as you can see here. We still have a few available. Remember the gardeners’ odd number rule – plants look better in three’s and fives’s. But you can have singles if you prefer – but only whilst stocks last
I had planned to give you a bit more information about composting today, but time-pressure prevents that. I have just checked the heap – it is still running at 65 degrees Celsius. It is often said that amateurs – and I’m certainly that – cannot run hot heaps. Well, I run mine hot and get an excellent result from it. And I’m keen to share the knowledge I have but, I find, not everyone gets as excited as me about rotting stuff down. “There’s none so queer as folk” – especially garden-folk!

I hear the greenhouse calling, so must tear myself away and attend to the next round of potting on (and it is rather cool out there today). But first, a quick update. But for a few stragglers, we are now out of all the garden-ready perennials I had put aside for this project. It has been a process of learn-as-you-go so I was not expecting the most recent demand. This came in the shape of “Please make up a £5 box for me” – or £10 or £20 as per request. You’ll see this reflected at - look top right at “cash raised offline”. 

So, before we move into the next phase may I check if you need any of the following?
  • A few Turk’s Turban left – repeating myself, a really good idea to get children interested - you get such a spectacular result!
  • Staying with veg; we still have a few kale – both types – see Monday’s post
  • And broccoli – see the same post
  • We have some French Marigolds – reputed to keep greenfly at bay
  • Then there are the Cosmos Sonata – certainly worth trying

From regular reader: Sue C-D
When I checked the greenhouse before lunch I noticed that the young tomato plants were growing fast so they become the next priority. Lettuces are doing well, too. There will be more flowering plants, too – like dahlias, perhaps a few chrysanths – the list goes on. Thanks for stopping by – do call again at …

The Garden Codger Nursery

PS – a regular reader has spotted the lack of Clematis, so far. We make amends with a lovely shot of her own (and return to the subject at a later stage)

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