Saturday 18 April 2020

Getting started

Thanks for dropping by – it's Garden Codger here – over time you’ll be welcome to have a look around my garden in Tipton in the heart of the Black Country - once I've sorted the technology, that is. Right now, I’d like to share an idea with you …

We all know that gardening is good for you. But I’ve been thinking about a way of spreading the benefit. Recently several friends have had a box of plants from me – now is an ideal time of year to get planting. No money has changed hands, but they would like to make a charitable donation. So, at a page has been set up to make this possible – see the link below. The chosen is charity Birmingham City Mission – a cause for which we have great respect. They do a great work and we have supported them for well over 50 years – yes, I’m not only Garden Codger but I’m an old codger (but that email and web address had already been taken!). So, here is an invitation. If you live local to us and would like some plants, perhaps we can help. All we ask is that, in return, you make a donation to BCM via the Garden Codger page on at:

Here are some ideas to think about:
  • 1.       Choose from the list of perennials (plants that come again each year) that I publish in these pages. The full illustrated list will go up on Monday (Sunday is a day off - all gardeners know there is a rhythm to the week) – a temporary short list can be seen below.  Alternatively ...
  • 2.       Let me know your requirements and I’ll make up a box to order.  Also ...
  • 3.       Why not try grow-your-own this year? We have lots of young tomato plants coming on. Not quite ready yet – just watch these pages as to availability. You can have them already potted up – just water and feed – you will never taste better!  And there will be other options, too – fancy growing a melon, for example?
Of, course, every penny will go direct to BCM. If online payment is not your thing, we will accept cash as well – but in an envelope clearly marked, please. Once lockdown requirements are relaxed the whole thing will become easier. So far, ‘customers’ (hardly the word) have collected from our front drive whilst out on a shopping trip. (And some, closer to hand, have experienced a real time wheelbarrow delivery as part of the once-a-day walk!)

Thanks for your attention. To follow up the options above, simply contact me at gardencodger by email. To beat the netbots the address is not spelled out– I just need to tell you that it is a Gmail account. Got it?

Your (old) friend, the Garden Codger

Short list of garden-ready perennials:
Lily (orange)
Hellebore (Christmas Rose – mixed colours)
Echinacea – several varieties – strong plants and good doers
Aquilegia – named variety – good grower
Oriental Poppy
… and loads more on the way – as I say, take another look on Monday

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