Monday 6 July 2020

Promoted to Glory

Edwin with his wife, Dorothy, at the Golden Jubilee (2016)
The Salvation Army has a great expression: Promoted to Glory

I wish to sound that triumphant note as I pass on the sad news that Edwin Orton died on Saturday evening, his family around him

Edwin was the founder of the Birmingham City Mission. He took this significant step of faith in 1966 and directed the affairs of the Mission, with great success, until 1997. Others who knew him better will pay their tributes and, I’m sure, speak of the major role he played not only in Birmingham but in the City Mission movement internationally

To me he was characterised by a special quality of faith. You might say that he trusted God in an entrepreneurial way and quite remarkably so

As a mark of respect my Tuesday blog will be held over until Wednesday giving time of the news to be passed around. I am sure further information will be forthcoming. Please keep your eye on the BCM website

Regular readers will know that every penny of the donations raised through this blog goes directly to the Mission. The current figure can be seen by clicking here

… with prayers of thanksgiving from the Garden Codger

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