Wednesday 3 March 2021

A dull day ...

My favourite local walk - secret!
There's cold - and there's cold. Don't you agree? This photograph was taken two months ago. It was pleasant to be out. But not today - it is so dull - and feels miserable. So, I'm driven indoors

In any case, I owe you a blog episode. But, don't worry, I am not about to remind you of the jobs you have not yet done. There is still plenty of time before Spring really gets sprung

Magazines and newspapers will tell you to get going and sowing - but there is time yet. I am struggling to catch up with the jobs I have planned to do over the winter. So, yesterday found me moving a young apple tree

Yes, I know ... the working area
More like a junk yard than a garden
I planted it eleven months ago with the intention of training it espalier fashion but it refused to cooperate - gardening can be like that - it's all an experiment really. So, I decided to move it. But to where? That I cannot decide as I know other changes are necessary. So, the solution is to pot it up and see if it can cope like that for a year. I think it will be happy - it has good root ball and I used a good planting mix with plenty of well-rotted compost. Katie (the variety) will think she is on holiday!

Incidentally, the spade with the uncharacteristic yellow handle is one of my very favourite tools. It was made just down the road at Spear and Jackson's for the Dutch market - they are taller than us - note the long handle. Sadly, S&J is no longer 'just down the road' - perhaps a story for another day

More jobs!

An over-engineered containment method!

One of the jobs I did get done was to box in the roots of my fig tree. Although the variety (Brown Turkey) will grow outside, mine is in the greenhouse. When I pulled up the tomatoes in November I noticed that the fig's roots were taking over. I had read that is is wise to contain them - so I did. I could have used a couple of slabs but, instead, I recycled some plastic sheet material that was spare (from my old DIY greenhouse)

The first picture shows the work in progress - we were down into the water table, hence the shingle. You can also see another favourite spade of mine. It is designed to dig out narrow

Job done and room for tomatoes

holes for fencing posts. I find it very useful when planting in the border. You can see the final result of the operation here

What else has held me up? Well, just as I am starting to get some seeds sown the wind takes out a fencing panel. There are thirteen panels down the one side. I did running repairs last year in the hope of replacing the lot next year. I'll spare you boring photographs! Instead, take a look at these ...

Spring bulbs

It has been good to hear from readers / supporters / patrons that the Spring bulb containers are already looking good. Here are a selection of photographs that have been sent in - thank you Bobbie, Hilary (spot the bee) and Jill

But, please excuse me, the front doorbell and a big parcel! I've got a delivery of a new greenhouse - must break off. I'll explain later ...

... best wishes from the Garden Codger (to be continued soon ...)

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