Saturday 7 November 2020

Toylink Extra

The greenhouse is stocked up as we get moving with our Lockdown 2.0 BCM Toylink push. So, following up on what we were saying yesterday, here are the planters on offer

Codger is a bit slow but he did a bit of thinking overnight and has come up with five options. Each consists of a good quality 40cm Venetian planter with a variety of plants as you see below

Before describing the alternatives we would encourage readers to view the BCM Toylink video if you have not already done so. Please see yesterday's post. To order one of the planters, simply contact Garden Codger. To make your donation to BCM, click here

First off the blocks we have Cyclamen Persicum. These are in flower now so you have an immediate display. They like cool/cold conditions but are best protected from frost. They do would well in a porch or similar

Second, is our Tulip planter. Looks a bit plain above but wait until those tulips are in flower! The variety is Van Eijk. The great thing about this variety is that you can keep them from year to year. A short growing type, they are a soft pink shading to red

Third, we have some really excellent Hellebores - White Advent. They are just coming into flower. You can keep them in the container for following years or plant them out in the Spring. A great addition to the garden and will do OK in shade

At number 4, we have our Spring Bulb collection. These will give a great display in early Spring. Until then you can enjoy the flowering violas during the winter months

Last, another Cyclamen. This time Cyclamen Hederifolium. These probably will not flower until next year but you will have the advantage of their foliage. Often called the ivy leaved cyclamen

We can supply any of the above in round pots - or as individual plants - if that is what you prefer

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