Friday 11 December 2020

Two Christmas Tweets

Well, not literal tweets - 180 characters would be a real lockdown restriction. But, like many readers, Codger has difficulty fitting everything in during the run-up to Christmas. We have grabbed the odd bit of drier weather to do a spot of gardening, particularly in the greenhouse but lack the time to report on it

But just take a look at these cyclamen. This pot has now been in flower for over a month, bringing cheer every time I look at them - usually when washing-up is in progress. The pot sits in an ideal location - the kitchen window ledge

So please excuse a shorter blog post today - but with the promise of more to come, once old Codger has caught his breathe. So, here are two tweets - a local and a national ...

Tweet One: One genuine Christmas invitation

Here is your Christmas invitation, where ever you are:

Tweet Two: Six Christmas carols

Every year the BBC Radio 3 runs a carol competition. Listeners are invited to write a new tune that fits the words of a carol. This year the challenge is to compose a melody to accompany four verses written by the American poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). You will see the poem below

Over a thousand entries have been sifted by a panel of judges and listeners are now invited vote for the best of the bunch. You can have a go! Just click here

The web page is full of interesting information. There are even tips on writing your own tune - from Gospel to classical

That's all for today, folks. I plan to publish another blog before Christmas - it may even be headed Two Christmas Treats - as a change from tweets! It will give me chance to tell you what the two tweets today have to do with gardening - so, please check now and then over the next week or so

... best wishes from the old Garden Codger

Christmas Carol by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Ring out, ye bells!
All Nature swells
With gladness at the wondrous story,—
The world was lorn,
But Christ is born
To change our sadness into glory.

Sing, earthlings, sing!
To-night a King
Hath come from heaven's high throne to bless us.
The outstretched hand
O'er all the land
Is raised in pity to caress us.

Come at his call;
Be joyful all;
Away with mourning and with sadness!
The heavenly choir
With holy fire
Their voices raise in songs of gladness.

No, be not still,
But with a will
Strike all your harps and set them ringing;
On hill and heath
Let every breath
Throw all its power into singing!

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